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Porquerolles, the pearl of the Iles d'Or. An island and protected site attached to the Port-Cros National Park, which has maintained all the charms of the real Côte d'Azur. Its village and its shaded trails offer visitors magnificent outings on foot or by bicycle, while its attractive beaches of fine sand, its fragrances, sunshine and constant temperature, all make Porquerolles a piece of paradise.

To discover

The 16th century Fort Sainte Agathe offers fine views over the salt marsh harbour and the island. Visit an exhibition of the region’s underwater archaeological treasures. The Botanical Conservatory’s farm hamlet offers a tour of the gardens and orchards with unusual varieties and fruit tasting. Fort du Langoustier and Fort de l'Alycastre dating back to the first half of the 17th century.


Any footpaths (designed for mountain biking too) around the island introduce you to its splendid landscapes and beaches :

  • La Courtade, Notre-dame, and L'Ayguade beaches
  • Argent and Langoustier beaches
  • Restaurants-Hotels and furnished rental accommodation are available

 Glimpses of Porqurolles


Le levant
The Ile du Levant is the most easterly island in the Iles d’Hyères archipelago. Its south-western region is a paradise for naturism. 8km long and 2km wide, its highest point is 140m. An island of contrasts due to its status, Le Levant is simultaneously civil, military and naturist. This unusual combination is successful, thanks to a spirit of mutual respect. The mild climate, crystal clear waters, rich and preserved vegetation make Le Levant an island on which people live in perfect harmony with nature. The civil area, which accounts for 20 % of the island, consists of the village of Héliopolis and a nature reserve. The military area (80 %) is not accessible to the public. For naturist bathing only, the island has one small sandy beach (La Plage des Grottes) and one rocky beach (Le Bain de Diane).
To see : the village, the Arbousiers voluntary nature reserve, etc.


Windsurfing, canoeing, etc. Diving to discover the most beautiful Mediterranean underwater sites

Restaurants - Discotheques and shops - Campsites, hotels and furnished rental accommodation are all available to you.

Discovery of the Domaine des Arbousiers while traversing the “Nature Trail” and the “Voluntary Nature Reserve”.


 Glimpses of l'île du levant


Panorama Port Cros
Here nature expresses itself in complete freedom and rare or endangered species can be spotted. Managed by the Port-Cros National Park, this is the only French marine national park This island is still the perfect place for those who want to get away from it all.

With a mask and snorkel you can explore its marked underwater trail and observe the marine flora and fauna, such as the brown grouper.

Thanks to the National Park’s conservation work, during a walk on the island you will discover southern species (holm oak, heather, rockrose, etc.), rare and protected species such as Jupiter’s Beard and Stoechas lavender, as well as a wide variety of fauna: birds, batrachians, etc.

To see: the village, the marked underwater trail, Fort du Moulin, Fort de l’Estissac, Fort de l’Eminence, Fort de Port Man.

Many Forts

Mark the island’s history: Fort de l'Estissac (aquarium and exhibition), Fort de l’Éminence, Fort du Port Man, Fort de la Vigie and Fort du Moulin.


The Sud de la Palud beaches; peaks itinerary, Port Man itinerary and two guided walking tours are on offer from June to September :

  • the botanical trail
  • the underwater trail


Hotels and furnished accommodation are available.

The smallest of the French parks

(690 ha) It is also the only Mediterranean marine park, consisting of a maritime area of 600 metres around its shores, protected by strict legislation.
Port-Cros is small and hilly, with Mont Vinaigre (194 m) as its highest point.
Its sheer cliffs to the south offer few openings to the sea. Thirty five kilometres of trails, and in particular the botanical trail, enable you to explore its landscapes, its forest, its forts... and to take advantage of its tranquillity.

 Glimpses of Port Cros