TLV TVM introduction 

"We contribute in maintaining a maritime lift which insures the territorial continuity between the isles and the continent. Our mission promotes tourist activity and the exceptional isles' economic developement."

Our society is a public service delegatee for the passengers' transport and ferry service, to the Golden Isles, from the Tour Fondue and the Hyeres' harbour (DSP 2012 to 2019).

By relying simultaneously on our more than 30 years of experience, on a relevant staff and on high-quality equipments, we're taking on the public service for now 15 years, and we improve it continuously. We implement everything we can to make the crossing an unforgettable moment, comfortable and safe. 

Thanks to our modern and of high-capacity naval units (83% of our fleet is less than 15 years old), important frequency trajets, the crossings are performed in the best conditions possible, without waiting time while boarding.

But we keep in mind that these nature treasures are fragile and that a ceaselessly growth of visits may be the cause of damages. That's why we try to conjugate sustainable tourism and protection of these natural and sensible spaces. In this way, we've implemented voluntary steps of sustainable development which relies on pragmatical and daily actions.

In a more and more globalized economy, our family entreprise is fixed in regional values, of conviviality and life quality. Worried of protecting our  independance, we manage our activities around the well-being of our teams, the satisfaction of our customers, the control of our ecological mark, our commitment for the well thought-out developement of the terriroty and the economic performance of our entreprise.


The ARNAL family, it's a more than 30 years-old experience in the sea transport of passengers in Mediterranean Sea and the current integration of the 4th generation. 

In 1999, our family enterprise bought the maritime companies TLV and TVM, insuring the transport from the Golden Isles from the Tour Fondue and the Hyeres' harbour. This activity, subjected to the DSP, guarantees the terriorial continuity and insures  the isles' economic development.

The 15-year-old lines exploitation lead us to improving ceaselessly our service efforts to our customers (440.000 passengers in 2013 to the Golden Isles), by leaning on our relevant staff and high-quality equipments. 


Sustainable Development

Dans le cadre de la délégation de service public de transport vers les iles d’Or, la compagnie a engagé des actions fortes en matière de Développement Durable.

After having produced their Carbon Footprint©, our company has structured a sustainable developement policy while comitting to a continious improvement plan.

  • 35
    Strengthened of 25 à 30 season hands each year
  • 12
  • 5083
    Rotations for the 3 isles
    In 2013
  • 87 324
    Kilometres crossed
    In 2013

 The Company TLV / TVM